PBB Trust

Respect for choice, privacy and control. We work for our members and advocate for new data rights, standards and rules in the digital age. We are an independent organization working for the future. Join us as a data pioneer. Membership is free.

Right #1

Right to Know and Verify My Personal Data


I am empowered to know what personal data is collected about me and by whom, and to make sure the personal information is accurate.

Right #2

Right to Control My Personal Information


I am empowered to manage the permissions, access and use of my personal data and to collect and organize my data.

What Privacy Means To You

Privacy is personal. There are things that you may not want to share. The right data relationship partner can make a difference. When you and your data—as well as your anonymity or sharing choices—are respected, you can make real decisions about your privacy. Just like the volume dial on your stereo, you have the right to choose how much you want others to know about your tastes. Turn it up or turn it down, it should be your decision.

Led by Trustees, Not Advertisers and Marketers

We are a Delaware Statutory Trust managed by an independent board of Trustees—a group of women leaders and advocates in the field of consumer rights, privacy, big data and copyright. As a member of the PBB Trust™, you become a legal beneficiary of the trust and the Trustees will work towards maximizing your ability to control your privacy by establishing new standards of digital behavior and advocating on your behalf. It’s a movement, powered by numbers.
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Right #3

Right to Start Keeping My New Personal Information Private


I am empowered to have my new PBB personal information kept as safe and secure as possible, and to choose which information to share and with whom, or to choose not to share my personal information.

You have the right to take control.

It’s your data. All of your experiences online and offline leave a footprint. Together we can collect those footprints and start on a new path. Whether you shop online, post on your social networks or pin the things you love, you have the right to collect a record of your activity. Your data is valuable to you and others, and it’s time to take control. You decide who has access to your data collection.

Your Trust Account.

All members of the PBB Trust get their own trust account. The account is managed according to the standards set by the PBB Trust in order to get you on the path to claiming your Personal Data Independence™.
Right #4

Right to Benefit from My Personal Data


I am empowered to benefit from the use of my personal data as a personal asset to enrich my life and to provide financial gain.


A new way of
thinking about data

Our relationships with companies are built on data—what we eat, where we spend and how we live. It’s time to claim Personal Data Independence™ and collect the data that we already create every day. We should each participate in the valuable benefits of data. If we want to discover more about ourselves, that data should be available and accessible. If we want to share our data for cash or rewards, that is our choice. It’s time to curate our own digital image so that we can share in the data economy.


What It Means For People

When we own our own data, we can participate in the data economy. We can make choices about what we share with companies about ourselves and our families. It’s time to learn about ourselves and make money based on our data. With the PBB Trust, we can claim our data rights and know that an independent group is working to advocate on our behalf to create new standards that increase access to our own data, give us control over our privacy and let us get what belongs to us.

What It Means For Businesses

There is a better way for companies to interact with their customers. A better data relationship means a data exchange that is transparent, respects privacy, and is fair. Progressive companies that embrace the Personal Data Independence™ framework are helping build a new, participatory data economy.