A typical person creates 2.2 million MB of data a year – and that amount is going to double every 2 years.


Your data matters


your data has value

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    value to people

    Data tells us about your choices and your values. You can learn from the patterns in your personal data and receive benefits from the choices you make.

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    value to businesses

    With personal data in the hands of the people, businesses can deliver services where they are the most productive and profitable, and assistance where it is needed most.

Minimize the Risk

Prevent misuse or abuse of your data.

That’s where we come in

We’re a better data relationship company.

Personal Black Box - For People, For Business

For People

Mirror. Manage. Monetize.™

Imagine if all your digital information could be effortlessly collected, protected and organized to give you valuable insights into your life. Imagine the ability to see yourself in your personal digital mirror, managing your progress while working toward your personal goals and objectives. Now imagine monetizing your data and behavior by getting paid for sharing that information with brands you choose to engage with. For the first time, you can take control and benefit from your personal data thanks to PBB.

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For Businesses

Transparent. Trustworthy. Proactive.

PBB has designed a legal and technological structure for businesses to provide their consumers with the best possible data relationship. We eliminate the business risk of holding massive quantities of personal data while dramatically improving the quality and depth of consumer data, increasing the opportunity to engage with customers in a trustworthy, secure way.

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