Personal BlackBox ecosystem Enterprises Advertisers

We are a Platform as a Service company providing App Developers a vehicle to give users transparency and control of their personal data. Designed with GDPR at its core, the platform treats data with respect -- mindful of permission, protection, and usage.

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Generate Revenue
from Data

Enterprises unlock new revenue opportunities
through existing and new
customer data.

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Better ROI
& Insights

Advertisers reach engaged and valuable audiences with offers and content.

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the Consumer

Gain data control and transparency.Audit reporting on demand.

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What Makes Us Special

Public Benefit Corporation

As a PBC we are committed to society and
the environment,
benefiting people and the world.

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Sustainable Relationships

Our ecosystem is built to benefit both you and your customer,
creating a stronger more trusted relationship.


The PBB Trust provides oversight to ensure safe and responsible data practices.

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